30-31 October 2021, ANTALYA

13-14 November 2021, Rox Royel Hotel, Antalya / Turkey

Symposium Theme:
A Livable World in Global Outbreaks and Droughts with Social and Legal Dimensions, Fighting hunger, thirst, reflections of global epidemics on social life and freedom-authority conflicts, northern-southern hemisphere contradictions, the consequences of epidemics on politics, public administration and economy, unemployment problem, problems and solidarity in the Turkish world, the function of the social state in education and health services.

Dear Scientists;
The global epidemics that our world has faced in the last hundred years and the consequences of increasing drought in certain parts of the world have reached quite large dimensions. This situation makes it necessary to examine the social sciences and law dimensions of this new picture. What kind of differences or problems caused by the lockdown in family relations due to the epidemic, the situation of children in education age, the social reflections of bankruptcies in the field of economy, to what extent the states can do their part in the classical sense, whether the states can fulfill their obligations in the field of human rights, the new possibilities acquired by the authorities in limiting freedoms stand out as issues that require answers at first glance. Examination of the subject both through regional examples and at the global level with its legal, social, psychological, economic, even literary and other dimensions will guide us in understanding these extraordinary conditions and producing solutions.

Dear Scientists,
Astana Publications, an international academic publishing house, expands its support for academic studies by organizing academic meetings. Astana 1st International Law and Social Sciences Symposium is organized by Nuh Naci Yazgan University and Astana Publications. Certificates of participation will be signed by Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Chairman of the Symposium Organizing Committee Prof. Dr. Ali KAYA and Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Ilyas Doğan. Your participation in the Astana 1st International Law and Social Sciences Symposium will honor us with your original, qualified and valuable works that will contribute to the field.


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