Purpose of the Symposium; It is to bring together scientists who conduct research in the fields of Law and Social Sciences (Health Sciences, Fine Arts, Educational Sciences, Sports Sciences, Humanities). The main goals of the symposium are to raise awareness of new studies with the participation of scientists from Turkey and the world, to open the door to new research topics and to contribute to the development of science. Another important aim of the symposium is to create an environment where young academician candidates at undergraduate and graduate levels can come together with valuable academics to gain experience. In addition, business people working in different sectors of the business world and working in related fields will be able to come together with academicians and academic candidates by actively participating in the symposium with their papers.

Congress Presentation Languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, Kazakh, Uzbek and Russian.

Presentation Styles: Considering that the current epidemic has not completely ended; Participants will be able to choose from the presentation formats listed below.

  1. Symposium live oral presentation in the physical space
  2. Video presentation (15 minutes)
  3. Online presentation (via Zoom)
  4. Poster paper


In accepted papers;

  1. Symposium Participation Certificate will be issued for all authors.
  2. All abstracts will be published in the Symposium Abstract e-Book with ISBN.
  3. One of the following options may be preferred for the printing of full-text papers.
  4. a) In the Symposium Full Text e-Book with ISBN,
  5. b) Subjected to a new peer-review process, in one of the Eurasian Journal of Social and Economic Studies (ASEAD) or the Journal of the Public Law Archive (KHuKA),
  6. c) Those who are subject to a new referee evaluation process and can create a common title will be published as an International e-Book by Astana Publications, an international publishing house.


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