ASTANA I. INTERNATIONAL LAW AND SOCIAL SCIENCES SYMPOSIUM provides the conditions to be used in Associate Professorship Applications and other academic appointments and promotions. The symposium includes all studies on the following topics. All individuals and institutions working in these fields, both at home and abroad, are invited to the symposium.


Subject Headings: Anthropology, Archeology, Western Languages and Literatures, Humanities, Geography, Contemporary Turkish Dialects and Literatures, Linguistics, Religious Studies, Religious Education, Educational Sciences, Economy, Philosophy, Finance, Journalism and Media, Fine Arts, Public Relations, Law, Economics, Theology, Basic Education, Higher Education, Business, Women’s Studies, Public Administration, Librarianship, Finance, Museum Studies, Music, Secondary Social Sciences Education, Secondary Science and Mathematics Education, Psychology, Painting, Health Sciences, Art History, It covers the subjects of Cinema-TV, Political Sciences, Social Services, Sociology, Sports Science and Education, History, Tourism Studies, Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish Folklore, Turkish Education, International Relations and Social Sciences.


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