1. The paper can be made in one of the presentation languages (Turkish, English, Arabic, Kazakh, Uzbek and Russian).
  2. The author(s) who will present the paper must register as a participant.
  3. If there is a soft presentation file to be used during the presentation, it must be delivered to the attendant before the session.
  4. The time allotted for the oral presentation is 15 minutes.
  5. The question-answer session may be appreciated at the discretion of the chairperson.



The papers of the authors who will not be able to participate in the symposium can also be presented as videos. Participants who want to participate in the symposium with a video presentation should prepare and send their abstracts in word format between the specified dates. Accepted video presentations should be sent to astanasempozyum@gmail.com by 12 November 2021, after recording in Mp4 or similar format, not exceeding 15 minutes.



Authors who will not be able to participate in the symposium will be able to present their papers via zoom. Our authors who choose the Zoom conference link will be notified by e-mail until 12 November 2021.



1-Posters will be hung on the boards in the hall to be determined by the Symposium Organizing Committee.

2- Poster owners will be assisted in attaching the posters to the boards.

3-Poster owners will provide information about their work or arrange an explanatory text at the hours specified in the program.

4-Poster should be at most A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) size. Entries should be large enough to be easily seen from a distance of at least one meter.

5-At least one of the Author(s) must be present at the beginning of the poster on the date of presentation.



Abstract: It should be in Times New Roman font, 12 points, minimum 100, maximum 300 words.

Keywords: Maximum 5 keywords should be written for the papers.

Paper Size: A4 Vertical

Turkish Abstract and English Abstract are required. However, if the Full Text is to be written in one of the other presentation languages, a Turkish abstract must be added.

Title, author information (title, name-surname, institution if any, Orcid No, mail) must be included in the abstract.




Top Margin: 3 cm, Bottom Margin: 3 cm

Left Margin: 3 cm, Right Margin: 3 cm

Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: Heading 12, Abstract and Text 11, Footnotes 9 point

Paragraph Spacing: 6 pt

Line Spacing: Text 1.15, Footnotes single line



1- The poster should be in maximum A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm) size.

2-Margins: There should be 2 cm from the top, bottom, left and right edges.

3-The name and logo of the congress should be written in the upper left corner of the poster, and the name of the poster presenter, -institution/organization/university should be written in the upper right corner.

4-Poster title: 48 point arial character and bold (it is recommended that the poster title should not exceed two lines).

5-Author’s name(s) in 28 point arial font and bold.

6-Author’s address(es) and e-mails, 28 point arial font.

7- The text will be given in two or three columns.

8-Text titles are 24 point arial and bold.

9-The text should be written in 24 point arial font.

10-Posters should not exceed the introduction and 3 chapters, and at the end, the sources should be indicated in index with smaller characters.

11-There is no color limitation in poster preparation. In order for the characters to be easily read in the figures, appropriate sized characters should be used and the same characters should be preferred in all figures. Figures should be given in dimensions that can be easily seen from afar.

12- The APA style should be adopted for the stylistic features including references, references, figures and tables in the text.


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